Nesting & Nurseries

This day last year, I was feeling bigger than a walrus, had the most swollen ankles you’ll ever see, and was really starting to freak out about the whole being a mom thing. My due date was the next day and I felt like nothing was ready. So what did I do? I sat on the couch and ate a piece of cake for breakfast, of course.


Even though I was feeling very unprepared, I wanted this baby OUT OF ME! I had walked and walked, I drank the organic raspberry leaf tea, I ate the hot wings, I walked more, I did some lunges, then I walked some more. Nothing was working. Then I got a bright idea. “Hey, what if I actually got prepared for a baby to live to here? Maybe she’ll come,” I thought to myself. So after a couple attempts, I got myself off the couch and got to work. Nesting was in full swing!

I went into the kitchen and prepared nearly a dozen Crockpot meals and tossed them in the freezer so when the awesome bring-the-new-mom-meals thing stopped, but I was still too tired from being up all night with a newborn, my husband and I could still eat. It was a great decision and something I will definitely do again before the next one comes. Then I decided to go into the nursery…


Terrible decision. The room was a giant mess. Of course the walls were painted (thanks Mom!) and crib that Ellie wouldn’t sleep in for another three months was perfectly assembled, but what about all this stuff she actually needs? The endless piles of clothes, the blankets, the pacis, the burp cloths– where do I put this all? I got to work and the end result was awesome. Although it’s a little different from your typical nursery for a baby girl, I think our sweet Ellie has one of the cutest, most unique rooms out there. Take a look:


DSC_0698 DSC_0711





After Ellie was born, I framed one of her newborn photos and added it to the decor:


Not to toot my own horn (*toot toot*), but I really think it turned out great. What do you think?

Believe it or not, the nesting this is true. I pulled myself off the couch and got things done and I was rewarded with the greatest gift that God could ever give. I woke up the next morning, may or may not have had another piece of cake for breakfast, and the contractions began. It was my actual due date and by the end of the night, I was holding my baby girl.

Do you have any crazy nesting stories? What about an awesome nursery? I’d love to hear from you!


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