A Day in the Life of Declan

“So, what do you do all day?” It’s a question (and honestly, an annoying one) often asked to moms with babies. While I usually just answer with the blanket statement of, “eat, sleep, poop, repeat,” it’s really all those little moments in between that make being a mom completely worth it. The snuggles, the gummy grins, the interactions between siblings, the day-to-day changes as your baby learns and grows.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing a great job as a mother, as a wife, as an employee. Sometimes I feel jealous that my husband is at work talking to people with a vocabulary that extends beyond the words “no” and “milk.” Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the dishes piling up and the clothes in the dryer (on their third cycle– you know, to get the wrinkles out). Then I hear my little ones giggling and am reminded of the best advice I’ve been given as a mom: “If you’re worrying about being a good mom, it means you already are one!”

In attempt to move beyond only capturing holidays, big milestones, and fun outings with the family, I decided to do something a little different. A series of pictures showing “what he does all day”– the moments in between the diaper changes and the feedings; the moments that make any doubt and feelings of inadequacy fly right out the window. A day in the life of Declan:

Timeline Grid.jpg


One thought on “A Day in the Life of Declan

  1. GLORIA E LOGAN says:

    Guess I need a lesson in how to log in or something, says I need a different version of Flash… something. The whole day is adorable love the series you are creating! When your kids are grown they are going to be so happy to see their lives (maybe not one or two of the shots lol)  Love ya, you’re a good mom!

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