#FirstFoodsFriday: Intro

Several weeks ago, my thoughtful husband made secret arrangements with two of my best friends for a little mid-week girls night. Between adjusting to life with two kids and working from home, I rarely get out of my sweatpants (let alone the house) so it was a much needed and much appreciated gesture.

Over the hot flames of the hibachi grill, a few strangers sharing our table managed to overhear our conversation about how picky I am and were sure to let me know how weird they thought I was (breaking hibachi etiquette of minding your own business, but I digress). The following weekend, I was at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock with a couple friends and I was telling them the story. Turns out, they think I’m pretty weird too. We talked about a few of the things I’ve never tried and how funny it would be to try them for the first time on video. My friend Hannah came up with the name First Foods Friday and a grand idea was formed.



That brings up the most intriguing part about my pickiness– the fact that I haven’t even tried a lot of the foods that I claim to hate. Between textures, overall looks, and smell, I’ve written off a rather long list of foods. My husband and I compiled the list and decided to release it to the public in survey form.

I asked the following questions: Which of the following foods would shock you most to hear that someone has never tried?; Which of the following foods would you enjoy seeing someone eat for the first time?; Which of the following foods do you like the most?; and Which of the following foods do you like the least?  Although the survey is closed due to the maximum amount of responses allowed, you can still see it here if you’re intrigued.

When I posted the link on Facebook, it was accompanied by the comment, “Hint: First Foods Friday.” Shortly after posting, my phone vibrated. It was my friend Katie, who even after more than a decade of friendship, didn’t quite realize how deep my pickiness ran:


Based on the statistics from the survey, a new list was born. A list of foods that I will try for the first time, on video, for your viewing pleasure. There will be faces, there will be disgust, there may be gagging, and there may be some surprising enjoyment. We will see…

Starting this Friday, I will begin posting the videos of me trying some of the winners (or losers, rather). At the end of each video, I will let everyone know which food I’ll be trying next. First up, and probably the most shocking one on the list due to the fact that I basically live in Mexican restaurants: Chips & Salsa.

See you guys Friday!



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