Chips & Salsa {FFF}


A couple weekends ago, Matt and I attended my 10 year reunion at Red Brick Brewing in Atlanta. I had a nice time seeing friends who we don’t get to see very often, as well as seeing vaguely familiar faces that I hadn’t spoken to in a decade. Class reunions are kind of uncomfortable by nature, but having one with unlimited beer and a Moe’s taco bar killed the awkwardness pretty quickly.

We had a pretty good turnout and as always, Miss Milly’s came through with some amazing decorations! Here is a look at our class photo:


We arrived early so I could snap a few pictures of the decor and didn’t hesitate a bit when someone suggested that we go ahead and eat before the masses arrived. We made our plates, sat down at a long table, and the conversation that I knew would happen happened. “I just don’t understand how you’ve never had chips & salsa. You should try it now!” I came up with a few excuses as to why I shouldn’t yet begin my First Foods Friday challenge, but came up short when my friend’s husband walked over with a giant plate of chips & salsa and set it in front of me. It’s a little anticlimactic as chips & salsa isn’t the wildest food out there, but I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking…

OVERALL RATING: 6/10. Not a horrifying experience, but not something I’d snack on while waiting for my Arroz Con Camarones. I’ll stick with queso.

BEST THING ABOUT IT: The beer that I washed it down with. And the chip, I guess.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: Chunks. The sweet and spicy combo wasn’t my favorite either.

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? I wouldn’t try this specific salsa again. Apparently there are way better salsas out there than what Moe’s has to offer, so with enough Dos Equis, I could probably be convinced to try it somewhere else.

See you all next week as I give BAKED BEANS a shot for the first time at a family barbecue!


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