Coleslaw {FFF}

A few months ago, I received a pretty exciting text message. Our good friends Melissa and Taylor had been living Missouri for a couple years due to Taylor’s job in the Air Force, but they shared the good news that they were moving back home. After a hiccup or two with the movers, they finally made it back to the Peach State, so we made plans to get together. If you’ve noticed a theme with my videos, you can probably guess what we chose to do– yep, grill out by the pool.

Mel and I worked at a pizza place together for several years and often worked lunch shifts together. Whether it was drawing chalk outlines of bodies in the game room or making cartoon characters out of candy, we always kept ourselves entertained. One day I told her that with the exception of olives, I would try any vegetable on the pizza line that she picked out. She chose artichoke, which was absolutely horrific and is probably one of the reasons I stopped trying to be adventurous with food. I still haven’t completely forgiven her. The exception should have been artichokes.

I decided that our cookout would be a fun opportunity to check another food off the list. I didn’t dare let Melissa choose which one it would be though. In keeping with the theme of the night’s menu, I chose coleslaw.

Let me tell you something about coleslaw. Out of the two dozen foods listed on the picky eaters survey, 25% of you guys chose coleslaw as your least favorite food on the list. Clearly there are a ton of people that despise it, yet it always seems to end up on the table at parties?! I don’t understand.

The funniest thing I’ve ever heard about coleslaw came from a girl in one of my writing classes in college. She claimed that, “coleslaw was squeezed from the devil’s teat!” I wasn’t sure if she was just being “poetic” or if she truly hated it. Most likely both. I never cared to try it before hearing it described that way, and I certainly didn’t care to try it after, but look what I’m doing now. Now let’s see if I agree with her! Here we go:


This video was great for two reasons. One, my daughter cracks me up. Like I mentioned last week, Ellie loves chips; she is usually very open to trying new foods, but coleslaw was a giant nope and chips continued to reign supreme. And two, I stayed pretty composed. You probably can’t tell, but I was pretty close to throwing up.

OVERALL RATING: 3/10. This was just so, so bad. Ugh. I have a feeling a couple things on this list might be worse, so I’m sticking with a 3 to reserve the numbers below it for those foods.

BEST THING ABOUT IT: It was crunchier than I thought it would be. I would consider that as the “least worst thing” more so than the “best thing” though.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: Whatever made the cabbage and carrots be considered “coleslaw”… sour, liquidy mayo, perhaps?

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? Nope. I can almost guarantee that I’ll get comments about how some places are good and some are bad, so I should try a different one. Just no. I will not try coleslaw again in any form or fashion. Even out of politeness.

I hope everyone enjoyed my misery in this week’s First Foods Friday. I’ll see you all next time as I try BRUNSWICK STEW for the first time. If you’re a big barbecue fan, let me know who you think has the best Brunswick Stew around!


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