Brunswick Stew {FFF}

One of my favorite things about the modified year-round school calendar in the county where my husband teaches is that it allows him to have several week long breaks with us throughout the year. The downside, however, is that summer flies by so quickly. Starting Monday (yes, August 1st!!), he’ll be knee deep in Algebra tests and volleyball matches.

This weekend will consist of finishing up some projects around the house, so Thursday marked the last free day of summer break, so we decided we needed to have a little fun. We started the afternoon by picking up a few things at Sam’s Club and cue’in it up at Bub-Ba-Q in Woodstock for lunch.

Sam’s Club is mesmerizing to children. I thought it was adorable that my kids were holding hands in the cart, but several attempts at a nice photo were all unsuccessful. There was no way they were taking their eyes off mountains of boxes to look at their mom.

After errands and lunch, we dropped the kids off with my mom and joined my dad and one of his buddies at the golf course. Golfing is one of mine and Matt’s favorite things to do together, but I haven’t been able to join him since before I was pregnant with Declan. Between limited time away from the baby and the unbearable heat, I agreed to 9 holes.

After a couple holes in the extreme heat, I was sitting in the cart in the woods watching the guys look for their balls (mine was in the middle of the fairway) and lightning struck. Gotta love being surrounded by trees when lightning hits; we marked our balls and took shelter in the only covered area we could find– a disgusting bathroom attached to the maintenance shed. We had a beer in the bathroom while the heavy rain passed then enjoyed the rest of the round. It was an interesting day to say the least!

Now back to the First Foods Friday business. Several people recommended their favorite places for Brunswick Stew, but I couldn’t resist the convenience of Bub-Ba-Q being right across the street from Sam’s. Judging by the large crowd on a weekday for lunch, I’d say it was a pretty solid choice. The pulled pork and mac & cheese were fantastic, but what about that Brunswick Stew stuff? Let’s see what I thought:

Are you shocked? Another food that I don’t really care for, haha. Not sure why, but I was expecting more of a beef/vegetable soup type base, so the tomato kind of threw me off. I’ve had tomato soup and it’s not terrible, but this was like boiled down ketchup with meat and vegetables tossed in. Why is this even a thing?

OVERALL RATING: 5/10. Better than coleslaw; worse than chips & salsa.

BEST THING ABOUT IT: This place has great pork and you could kind of taste it in the stew, but the best part was probably getting to eat the mac & cheese afterwards.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: I can’t stand corn mixed in with things. Corn is a standalone food for me. I even avoid certain hibachi places that put corn in their fried rice. Just no.

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? Highly doubt it.

I appreciate everyone following along even though I seem to have the same reaction over and over again. My husband says I need to get more animated in my reactions; I say I need to find better tasting food. See everyone next time as I try a CHILI DOG for the first time. I can almost guarantee there will be some entertaining faces!



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