Chili Dog {FFF}

It’s Friday again and so far we’ve survived our first week back to “normal” life with Matt going back to work for the school year. Keywords: so far. We still have a few more hours for things to go terribly wrong. But on to First Foods Friday business…

About a month ago, my husband and I were part of a [surprisingly civil] political debate on Facebook (because that’s what social media is for, right?) when a friend commented, “I was planning to write Hayley in for president, but then I found out she has never eaten a chili dog. I just can’t trust her anymore.” My husband then kindly informed them that I would make a terrible president, which is probably true. Someone else chimed in, “she’s never eaten a chili dog? CITIZENSHIP REVOKED.”

Apparently not ever trying a chili dog is an extremely un-American quality I posses. Chili dogs kind of fell in the middle of my original survey. The survey takers didn’t seem to be overly crazy about them, but they also didn’t despise them like they did oysters and coleslaw, so it didn’t originally make the cut on foods I was going to try. However, in the name of patriotism, I had to give it a shot.

What better place for a hot dog and some “strings” than The Varsity? Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs to begin with, but the thought of a frosted orange made my mouth water, so I was completely on board for having dinner here. And my kids looked adorable in the little hats. I, however, looked like a fool.

As I mention in the video, and as you probably learned during the Baked Beans video, I am not a fan of the texture of beans. That’s the main reason I don’t like chili. Knowing the chili from The Varsity doesn’t have beans was a huge factor in picking to try one here. It also got me thinking that I may actually like this one. I haven’t had much luck so far with trying new foods, but can the chili dog change that? Let’s find out…


Hey, did I just actually like something? I kind of did. It kind of tasted like a tangy taco meat. I was expecting more of a bland, meaty spaghetti sauce, so the spices were a fairly pleasant surprise.

OVERALL RATING: 8/10. What? Did I just give something a B?

BEST THING ABOUT IT: There was bread and cheese. The two foods I pretty much never discriminate against.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: It was still a hot dog, so I can’t give it higher than an 8. There was something kind of tangy about the chili that I couldn’t quite figure out either.

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? I’ll still stick to burgers over dogs, but I would try another chili dog. If it was bean free, of course.

Thanks for watching. You probably noticed there wasn’t anything lined up for next week. I’ve got no plans, so I need your help! What do YOU want to see me try next week? You can see the original list here if you want to know some of the options!


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