This week’s First Foods Friday post, as well as the video, will be fairly short and sweet. The kids and I, along with my mom and grandma, decided to be spontaneous and head up North to Michigan to visit some family next week. We leave in 3 days, so naturally I’m in panic mode. If you’ve ever been a parent of small children, you know what I mean. There are checklists on top of checklists for the massive amounts of crap you have to bring along when you vacation with kids. And yes, I’ve already started packing. Even typing this has me stressing, so I’ll switch gears.

In last week’s post, I mentioned that I didn’t know what to try next. The top two suggestions were oysters and a BLT. Multiple people gave me the advice to only eat oysters in months that end in “r” so I happily tossed that idea on the back burner and went with the BLT. Maybe next month, oysters. Or maybe never. We’ll see.

For such a simple sounding sandwich, I learned via Facebook comments that there’s quite an art to making a BLT. It’s just bacon, lettuce, and tomato on some bread, right? False. The bread, which has to be good bread, needs to be toasted and lightly buttered. The tomato needs to be nice and red, sliced evenly, with some salt and pepper. And of course, because there’s no other respectable way to eat it, the bacon should be crispy. Some suggested a little mayo, but I’m not about that.

My friend Courtney came over to help me out with this one and I have to say the sandwich looked pretty, pretty, pretty good (in my best Larry David voice). The “T” in “BLT” is what always held me back from trying one; I’m just not a big fan. Fresh tomatoes do smell amazing though. As you can see above, Ellie enjoyed her half… after removing the tomato and lettuce. Can’t beat bacon and toast! Now let’s see what I thought about it:


What? TWO weeks in a row? I’m getting less picky by the minute 🙂

OVERALL RATING: 8/10. Better than the chili dog, but not good enough to get a 9.

BEST THING ABOUT IT: The bread. Several people highlighted the importance of the bread on a BLT, so I went with Publix’s Chicago Italian bread. It’s the loaf version of their Chicago hard rolls and it’s like crack.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: The tomato. It wasn’t bad because of the other amazing elements of the sandwich, but I’m still not completely sold on the mushy, seediness of the tomato.

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? I doubt I’d order one somewhere, but it was pretty good. I may try a tomato on a different kind of sandwich though. Or maybe a burger?

Not sure exactly what’s up next, but it’s bound to be a fun one. Michigan is pretty diverse, so I’m sure I can find something interesting to try. Maybe a “pasty” or something from my favorite Polish market?



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