Vintage Toy Fun

From the day we completed our son’s Vintage Toy Nursery, I’ve patiently waited for him to be old enough to play in there and check everything out. At seven months, he is definitely aware of his surroundings and knows what he likes and wants. The days of just putting anything in his hands and having him be content are long gone. He has definitely shown interest in a few things in his room, but most everything is out of his reach. I decided it would be fun to bring a few things down off the shelves and get some photos of him taking it all in. Hey, when you boycott nap time, you may be subject to the mamarazzi. Life lessons here, kid.

In my original post about his nursery, I talked about my mom and her sister’s hunting down all these awesome old toys and pieces for his room; one of my aunts also found some pretty old outfits and sent them down to us. What better outfits to wear for the pictures?


The middle outfit cracks me up the most. It specifically states that these are underwear and are not to be worn as pajamas. I’m guessing all of these are easily the same age as me. SPOILER ALERT: He looked adorable, and hilarious, in all of them.

One of my favorite pieces in his room is this cool old rocking horse. It wasn’t in the original post about his room because I just got it from my aunt a couple months ago. It was another of her estate sale finds. My uncle owns an upholstery shop, so he added a leather seat with studs, which kind of gives it a saddle feel. And his brother put the finishing touches on it by adding a real deer tail. My daughter is obsessed with deer, so I hope she never finds out how her brother’s rocking horse got its tail.


A constant favorite for both of my kids has been the old phone. Luckily my grandmother found an extra one for us, so big sister and little man can both play instead of fighting over it.

I hope everyone enjoyed these photos and got as good of a laugh as I did. Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure:


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