Chicken Shawarma {FFF}

Last week, my kids and I joined my mom and grandma on a trip up to Michigan to see some family. The traveling part was an absolute nightmare and my 7-month-old’s top four teeth decided to make an appearance, but despite the set backs, it was great to spend time with our loved ones that we don’t see very often.

Ellie has been to Michigan a few times, but this was her first trip where she really got to have some fun with her cousins. It was Declan’s first time there and Mr. Observant took in everything. Some of the fun included jamming on the organ, hunting Pokemon on the nature trail, lots and lots of time in the pool, dress up/photoshoot, rides on Sandy the penny horse, cousin fun on the golf cart, and a little dancing in the rain.

On Saturday, we had a huge party for all the family. Here is a picture of the cousins in attendance (and we’re missing about half):


Our trip also included a LOT of food. We enjoyed lunch with my grandparents, donuts from Meijer, a ridiculous amount of Better Made chips and Super Scoop ice cream, and took a trip to the breakfast buffet at Big Boy! Also, lots and lots of craft beer (something Michigan does really well).

We also had to decide on something fun for First Foods Friday. Since we don’t have nearly as much Middle Eastern food in the south as they do in Michigan, my mom really wanted some fattoush, so my aunts and I headed over to a Lebanese restaurant where I decided on chicken shawarma. We also went next door to the Middle Eastern bakery and stocked up on some baklava (the Syrian pistachio version) and apricot cookies.

I watched everyone else eat before I got around to trying mine. Everyone was building up the garlic sauce and went on and on about how amazing it was. I was expecting some thin, garlic butter type stuff (a la Papa Johns) but it pretty much looked like sour cream. There is a little bit of the sauce on the shawarma, but I ended up getting coerced into trying it by itself as well. Shawarma just sounds like something I wouldn’t like, but we’ll see…


OVERALL RATING: 9/10. Good stuff!

BEST THING ABOUT IT: The chicken and the pickle combo was delish. This was like Lebanese Chick-fil-A.

WORST THING ABOUT IT: The pita tasted good, but was kind of dry. It made chewing a lengthy task. I can’t believe I just said something bad about a bread product.

WOULD YOU TRY AGAIN? I would definitely try it again. I wish I would have tried the beef one too. Any good places for some shawarma around here?

Overall, this was a success. Until the garlic sauce (toum) ruined my fun. On the sandwich, it was fine. It was lightly brushed on the pita and accompanied the chicken and pickle spear well. How anyone eats it on its own, or dips pieces of pita bread in it like my family was doing, is beyond me. It is extremely, extremely garlicky and I thought I may actually throw up as it slowly burned its way down my throat. There’s no chance I would try it again.

What are your favorite international foods? Anything you think I should try?


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