Declan Turns ONE

Time is a funny thing. Minutes are always sixty seconds and hours are always sixty minutes, but some moments (and seasons even) seem to ignore those realities and move faster or slower than normal. While I felt like the majority of pregnancy slowly crawled by, it seems like it was just a few days ago that we were sharing our news about Robo Baby #2 and decorating his nursery. And now he’s ONE; how did that get here so fast?

Much like Ellie’s first birthday, I started planning my boy’s party months in advance. I knew I wanted to have a plane/travel theme, but wanted it to be a bit smaller (aka less stressful) than his big sister’s tea party. Life just isn’t fair for the second child, especially when your birthday falls right in between two major holidays.

I wanted to center his party around his one year photos. My brother, who now works for a major airline, took us up to the local airport where he used to work and let us play in some small planes and snap a few [hundred] pics. We had a fussy, teething baby that day, but luckily we still got some good shots.

Both the kids absolutely loved the planes; what kid wouldn’t? Declan’s favorite thing was standing by the seat and trying to buckle the seat belt. Ellie loved all the controls and buttons. My brother brought his work hat along, which provided a lot of laughs from us and the little ones! Here are a few more because I just can’t resist sharing all the cuteness…

I printed most of these pictures out and had them on display at the party. My friend Courtney came over to help me set up and brought over a few pieces from my go-to party decorator, Miss Milly’s.

We went simple with a display of monthly pictures and framed photos from the airport, an assortment of sandwiches, fruit, and veggies, and some simple cupcakes. This was all surrounded by various paper decorations I made- plane shaped confetti, a banner, paper pinwheels, plane garland across the table, and plane shaped cupcake toppers. The special touch was the basket of airline cookies and pretzels that my brother brought home from work. We also had a small cart with canned drinks and snacks to give it an airline feel.

For the smash cake, I bought a simple 5 inch and made my own toppers with felt clouds, flags, and a cute plane made from clothespins and popsicle sticks. I made the high chair banner with some scrapbook paper and assorted strips of left over fabric from a project I did in his nursery.

Declan perfected his unwrapping skills just days before his birthday on Christmas. So when the party rolled around, he was a pro. He got some new Nike kicks, loads of cars and balls, and a Ninja Turtle Pizza Kitchen (which now belongs to his sister… because her two kitchens are not enough to handle her chef skills).

Next was cake. We were excited to see how he did because when Ellie turned one, she was not a fan of the singing or the cake at all. I was pretty sure Declan would love it and turns out I was correct. He was full of giggles, but was hesitant about getting too messy.

Overall, the party was a success. It was nice to be surrounded by family and a few friends while we celebrated the past year that we’ve spent with our son. He is just the sweetest, happiest boy and has been the perfect addition to our family.

Happy First Birthday, Buddy. We love you more than you’ll ever know!!


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