Ellie Bakes Her Birthday Cake

My baby girl is a few days away from turning three and describing her as an independent little girl would be a major understatement. We’ve been in the I-can-do-it-myself stage for a quite a while now, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she told me she wanted to make her own cake for her birthday party. This age also comes with a lot more creativity, which has been so fun to watch. This girl’s imagination is wild!

We set out for the grocery store to pick up all the cake baking necessities and we chatted in the car about what theme her cake should be. Proudly, she told me “a glitter carrot!” Now, I see myself as a pretty creative person, but this one stumped me. I don’t know how she comes up with these things, but  I decided to let her take complete reins on party planning this year, so I went with it.

Ellie is also as indecisive as a child can get, so again, not surprised when she changed her mind from “glitter carrot” to “donut sprinkle” then back to “glitter carrot” again. I figured the best plan of action was to bake two cakes and prevent any major toddler disappointment the day of her party.

The day before the birthday bash, we got out all the supplies and got to work.

With very little assistance, I read her the instructions and she followed each step. It was funny to watch how cautious she was pouring all the ingredients into the bowl.

I planned to do the hand mixer part myself, but of course, she insisted on doing that too. She even cracked one of the eggs. I learned not to doubt her so much because she left me seriously impressed from start to finish.

I put the cake in the oven, she pressed the start button on the timer, and I walked away for a second. Luckily I still had my camera in my hand because I busted her climbing back on the stool to lick the spatula. Then, like the occasionally-really-sweet-big-sister that she is, she bent down and let her buddy have a taste. It was too cute and I’m so glad I captured it on camera!

Once the cake was done in the oven, I pulled it out and transferred it to a cardboard cake holder thing (I believe that’s the proper term) that I purchased from Kroger and let it cool off for a bit.

First up was the “donut sprinkle” cake. We had gone to Dunkin Donuts that morning for coffee, breakfast donuts, and donut sprinkle cake essentials, so we were all set. I did the first layer of icing (with a clean, non-licked spatula) and let Ellie go at it placing the donuts and covering it with various kinds of sprinkles.

Once she was done dumping loads of sprinkles on the cake, I gave my best shot at writing a little message on the cake. Let’s just say a Le Cordon Bleu scholarship isn’t in my future. I know you’re all wondering what a donut sprinkle cake made by a soon-to-be three year old looks like, so here you go. Not terrible, right?

So what about the glitter carrot? I decided cupcakes would probably be best to make this happen, so we repeated all the first steps and poured the batter into the cupcake pans. When they were done and cooled, I worked on arranging them into a carrot shape and turning our white icing into a nice shade of carroty orange.

I used a tube of green icing to fill in the carrot top then poured the orange icing over the cupcakes. Once that was done, Ellie, with the help of her Mim, handled the “glitter” part, which apparently just means tons and tons of sprinkles.

So here it is in all its glory– a glitter carrot cake:

It’s been a few days and I still find myself giggling every time I look at it or even think about it. I absolutely love the imagination of my girl. I was also glad that she cut me a break on the perfectly decorated, thirty dollar store bought cake this time around.

She was really excited about her cakes, but not as excited about licking every surface that was graced with sugary cake batter or icing, including her hands. She may be a better baker than her [age redacted] mama, but she’s still a three-year-old.

Happy *almost* THIRD Birthday to my first born. I’m not sure how we’re already here, but we’ve enjoyed [almost] every second. You are stubborn like your mama, sweet like your daddy, and have the most contagious smile and giggle. You jumped right into your role as Big Sister and have been crushing it ever since. We love you so, so much, Ellie Rose!


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